ELISHACOY 24K Gold Caviar Luxury Gold Cream 50g

 ElishaCoy 24K Gold and nutrient caviar makes resilience of skin and elasticity. Skin-purifying 24K gold and natural nutrients enhance skin condition and fill your skin with hydration and resilience. The... Learn More
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ELISHACOY 24K Gold Caviar Luxury Gold Essence 50ml

 ElishaCoy 24K Gold Caviar Luxury Gold essence contains Gold and nutrient caviar which make moist of skin and elasticity. 24K gold capsules blend with caviar extracts filled with nutrients and... Learn More
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ELISHACOY Always Nuddy CC Cushion [SPF 50/ PA++] 13g, Select

 ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cushion provides even and perfect-blending handy and simple makeup by dabbing with rubycell puff while cooling down your skin. Smart multi foundation 5-in-1- Brightening + Wrinkle... Learn More

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ELISHACOY Cacao Green Tea Age Fitness Mask, Select

 ElishaCoy Cacao Green Tea Age Fitness Mask is a mask that cleanses, tightens pores, and re-hydrates skin. Polyphenol in cacao is excellent for revitalizing tired skin. Black grain extracts provide... Learn More

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ELISHACOY Herb Clay Pore Refining Mask, Select

 ElishaCoy Herb Clay Pore Refining Mask cleanses pores and controls sebum to soothe and reduce skin troubles. Natural clay absorbs excess sebum and is especially effective for skin with enlarged... Learn More

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ELISHACOY Milk Cacao Black Sugar Scrub, Select

 ElishaCoy Milk Cacao Black Sugar Scrub gently exfoliates and removes blackheads. The cacao polyphenols increase skin elasticity. Cacao and milk extracts provide the moisture and nutrition your skin needs. Black... Learn More

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ELISHACOY 24K Gold Luxury Ultra Moisture Mask 23g x 10pcs

 24K Gold Luxurious Mask makes your skin firm and shine through the vitalizing energy of pure gold. With 24K gold, vitamin and mineral extracts, the mask treats your skin making... Learn More

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ELISHACOY 3 Seconds Water Ampoules Starter 170ml

 Hyaluronic acid which is also known as the magnet for moisture, celtic water, birch sap full of moisture and nourishing agents, provide immediate moisture to skin and tone skin for... Learn More

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ELISHACOY 3D Spin Heart Ball

 The 3D Spin Heart Ball enhances blood circulation and uses to slim face down and absorb lotions better. The five massage balls rotate to massage the skin and press the pressure... Learn More

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ELISHACOY Aloe & Lavender Eco Pure Pulp Mask 23g x 10pcs

 This product is the eco friendly pulp mask sheet (essence type) which provides excellent moisturizing and skin relief effects. Beside, it offers nourishment and freshness to your skin. Elishacoy is which... Learn More

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ELISHACOY Always Kiss Tint Gloss 3.9ml, Select

 Elishacoy Always Kiss Tint Gloss is a dual gloss with lip care and a glossy feel. The moisturizing Aqua-Holding Complex absorbs moisture and creates a protective barrier over the lips to keep... Learn More
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ELISHACOY Always Nuddy BB 24, Select

 Always Nuddy BB24 is an essential source designed to feel and look like your natural skin with a long-lasting formula. Natural botanical extracts combined with minimized amount of harsh chemical ingredients... Learn More

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ELISHACOY Always Nuddy CC Cream [SPF 30/ PA++] 50g

 Complete Correction is easy for make-up to be heavy and over-layered when applying several layers of cosmetics in a hot and sunny day. ElishaCoy Nuddy CC cream is light tinted... Learn More
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ELISHACOY Always Perfect CC Cream [SPF 30/ PA++] 50g

 ElishCoy Always Perfect CC cream makes radiant Skin with no darkening. It not only elastomer gel takes care of your wrinkles and pores, but also the power reflects lights from... Learn More
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ELISHACOY Always Triple BB [PSF 30/ PA++], Select

 This multifunctional BB cream protects skin from the sun, improves wrinkles and whitens skin. It can be used as makeup base or foundation. Not only the only product naturally tones... Learn More

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ELISHACOY Aqua Whitening Pudding Cream 50g

 More brighter lights and moisture will provide sparkling vital power to your skin. This is a moisture cream which immediately penetrates into skin with a refreshing feeling and maintains moistened... Learn More
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ELISHACOY BB All-In-One Cleanser 200ml

 Double effect of the first cleansing function and the second cleansing foam provide care and various nutrition for your skin. The creamy bubbles make skin bright and vivid. Massage Gel... Learn More
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ELISHACOY Designer Art Shadow 2.5g, Select

 Elishacoy Designer Art Shadow is 3-in-1 eyeshadow that attractively mixes base, point and shadow colors. The "Glamorous Pearls" and "Mystic Color" are combined to essence which helps keep the sensitive... Learn More
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ELISHACOY Diamond Shiny Pearl BB [SPF 27/ PA++], Select

 ElishaCoy Diamond Shiny Pearl BB has fine and rich gold pearl that creates brilliant skin when viewed at angles. Jewel complex contained in this product enables it to have a... Learn More

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ELISHACOY Honey & Royal Jelly Mask Sheet 23g x 10pcs

 ElishaCoy Honey & Royal Jelly Mask is an essence eco-friendly type pulp mask sheet. This product prevents skin ageing through the removal or diminution of hazardous oxygen activities. Honey extracts... Learn More
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ELISHACOY Ice Herb Whitening Water Drop 75g

 ElishaCoy's Ice Herb Whitening Water Drop Essence is a gel-based moisturizer that delivers hydration, replenishes, and brightens the skin, all at the same time within one product. It keeps your... Learn More
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ELISHACOY Lab Series Serum 30ml, Select

Anti Trouble T- Serum - The essence of 12-tea complex pleasantly moisturizes, control excess oil, and purifies rough skin. Phyto-TF (Phyto-Trouble Factor) and the patented plant complex effectively soothes redness.... Learn More
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ELISHACOY Luminous Highlighter 2g

 ElishaCoy Luminous Highlighter is the secret to solid and vivid make up. The fitting power adheres tightly to the skin surface to reduce powdering, and helps to keep the young... Learn More
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ELISHACOY Moist Up Collagen Sleeping Mask 50ml

 Elishacoy facial mask contains Niacinamide(whitening material) which keeps the skin exfoliated and makes it more smoother and brighter. It is made using only vegetable extracts and certified base materials which... Learn More
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